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In 1979 our family moved to a 40-acre property in El Dorado, California with the dream of planting a vineyard. In those first few years, while rebuilding the existing house and readying the grounds for planting, we lived in some converted school buses at the edge of what would become our vineyard. 

In 1983 we put our first grapes in the ground, and Marcelais was born. It wasn’t always easy, but between 9–5 jobs for our folks, and school for us kids, we pulled out the shovels, set the wires, planted the vines and hand-watered those little babies as they set their roots down into the earth. In a way, it almost feels like we all grew up together. 

In the years since, we have continued to tend to our field by hand—each season enlisting the help of a dedicated cadre of extended family and friends to help us prune and pick in the heat and cold with the promise of a good meal, ample wine, and heartfelt gratitude at the end of each day.

Marcelais has always been a foundation of peace for us, and we hope while you drink our wine you will be able to feel the love and care we’ve put into our grapes for over 30 years.